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Morgan "Thunderclap" Jones  toured in the 1950's playing his own dazzeling piano arrangements (fast boogie and showpieces) . He carried on playing to entertain in the 60's and 70's together with running his music bussiness in "Tin Pan  Ally" (Denmark Street London ) where he was well known . Then, it was the home of music production and publishing but sadly now long gone.  From the 80's he moved out  and in his own words was playing "better than ever".

I met him in 1986  where I was one of the regulars at "TheQueens" pub Crouch End where he played practically as resident pianist from 1986 up to his death in 1988 . Once heard you could not forget the speed, power, accuracy, variety, lightness of touch,and  pianistic mastery that he brought to this North london pub in  the late 80's. I notice that there is very little on the internet about this brilliant pianist/composer/arranger, I have therefore put together this site so that I can share recordings, articles and my own historical notes from 1986. I hope that this will bring forward material from any others particularly prior to 1986 that I can include.

As it is I have provided links to what little there is on the internet together with what recordings I have. One evening I bought a pocket recorder from Tandy's (remember them) and put it inside the piano. The quality was very good and picked up all the rattles and twangs from the clapped out piano. I was however sober enough to remember to check the pause button was off and I have made these recordings available here. They are at present not touched up or tampered with (apart from essential notes in the main theme of Tiger Rag) but I hope in the future to be able to do some versions filling in the notes that were missing on the pub piano!

Anyone  contrubuting recordings or any other input would be welcomed.  

Roger Hayman September 2010

Since putting together the original site I have received a number of contacts from people who have either  worked with him, knew him or heard him play. My thanks to those and the information provided. I have now, with further reserch been able to put together a much more complete site.

Updated February 2016.


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